- the new Debt Counselling Industry portal - is a communication and information platform that aims to help, support and empower the major players within the debt counselling industry and consumers in need of financial assistance.

Our intention is to empower consumers into making better informed decisions about their own financial well being. To achieve this, consumers need to understand the facts, costs and implications of the various options available, before making final decisions that will affect their life for years to come. also provides information and resources within a secure environment to Registered Debt Counsellors, Registered Credit Providers and Industry related bodies and associations. Complementing existing tool sets and offering new services enabling all to make knowledgeable decisions to enhance the professionalism, service and consumer experience within the debt counselling industry.

theDCI's Mission

To provide real-time information from within the industry, for the industry; a real-time, live communication channel via a single point-of-entry to all industry players; and to become a powerful platform offering a comprehensive end-to-end solution to the industry.

You now have a voice, united we stand

Consumer Services

  • Find Verified Practising Debt Counsellors
  • Attorneys Specialising In Debt Review
  • Sequestration, Liquidation And Business Rescue Attorneys
  • Identify Your Financial Well Being
  • Options Available To Ease Financial Stress
  • Legal Advice When Things Go Wrong
  • Know Your Rights And How To Fight For Them
  • Insurance Products For Debt Review

Industry Services

  • Industry Forums
  • Consumers Stored
  • Information
  • Legal Services
  • Legal Opinions On Judgments
  • Judgment Archive
  • Guidance From Other Debt Counsellors
  • Debt Recovery Services
  • Insurance Partners